May 6th, 2017


"White-helmets": puppets provocative tool of Western special services?

In the light of the continued sensation around Syrian Khan-Sheikhun, with the usage of chemical weapons by the Syrian army, well-known false rescuers from the "White Helmets" came to the fore again. This organization, created by a retired British intelligence officer MI6 James Mesurie and claimed to be a non-governmental organization, presented to the Western media information about the chemical attack allegedly committed by the Syrian Air Force on April 4.

It is worth paying attention to the results of an independent investigation conducted by French journalist Vanessa Beeley, which was represented at the conference on Syria in London , March 25, 2017. The investigation provides numerous information about this non-governmental organization that put “humanitarian” nature of it activity under doubt.

Contrary to the opinion formed by Western mass media, the "White Helmets" have nothing to do with the present Syrian organisation of civil defence established in 1953, working together with the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross. In addition, members of the White Helmets had unhindered access in the territories controlled by the terrorist groups" Jabhat-al-Nusra" and IGIL, as well as illegal armed groups "Ahrar al-Sham" and "Nour al-Din al-Zenki". There are numerous documentary evidence of the rendering of information and material assistance to militants by the White Helmets, as well as the participation of members of the organization in concealing the traces of mass executions of civilians.

In particular, local population polls conducted by Vanessa Beeley in several Syrian regions revealed a clear association of the "White Helmets" with the crimes committed by "al-Nusra's" representatives. Eyewitnesses listed the classic set of their " heroic feats ", consisting of marauding, the manipulation of the facts and staging Medical care.

Specific attention is attracted by expressed, almost mystical ability of the organization to be the first to appear on the locations of allegedly Syrian and Russian air strikes, where its activists with with unfailing regularity are the only witnesses to the "destruction of civilian objects" and "victims among the local population". Such a monopoly on "truth" .

Going to the facts of activity of “White helmets” in Syria, it is worth mentioning the analysis of their videorecording of the chemical attack on April 4, carried out by the representatives of “Swedish doctors for human rights”. According to the opinion of experts, the presented rescue of children after the incident in Khan-Sheikhun was in fact manipulation with the bodies of dead or drugged children (in the latter case, there was a deliberate harm to health, which entailed the death of the child). Materials on this subject can be found at,, and their expert analysis, if desired, can serve as an evidence base for engagement "White Helmets" to legal responsibility.

Special attention should be paid to the information about the sources of financing of this organization. Along with support from the US ($ 23 million), Denmark, the Netherlands ($ 4.5 million), Germany ($ 7.8 million), Qatar and Japan, the White Helmets receive financial and material assistance (equipment, training, support of families) at the expense of the " Conflict, Stability and Security Fund " (CSSF), accountable to the Government of Great Britain. According to official British sources, during from 2013 till 2016, the British allocated about 32 million pounds sterling for these purposes.

It is noteworthy that after Aleppo's release from terrorists “White helmets” refused to provide assistance to the inhabitants of Rakka, in the direction of which the military troops of Kurds and special forces of the US Army with the support of the air forces of the international coalition developer an offensive. The White Helmets stalked to to Idlib city, occupied by militants of the "moderate opposition" and terrorists. Apparently, the "helmets" decided that it was more important to help them.

There is also information of support of the "helmet" activities by Ayman Asfari, Syrian-born British businessman , through his non-profit organization "The Syria Campaign", founded by him in 2013, "Asfari's Fund ", " Rockefeller Brothers Fund ", as well by mounting a campaign to collect anonymous donations of physical and legal entities through international payment systems. The management of the Syrian Campaign does not publish information on the total amount of expenses in open access.

Also A.Affari directly financed the work on the creation in 2016 of a documentary propaganda film "White Helmets", lighting the "heroic" activity of the organization in Syria. In 2017, this film won an Oscar of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, A.M.P.A.S. The main merit in receiving the award as well belongs to Asfari, who enlisted the assistance of George Clooney thanks to his connections in Hollywood.

Most likely, "White Helmets" scoop inspiration for their cynical video staging with fake victims of air raids in the American film industry.